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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas

Release Date: June 30, 2012
Directed by: Dave Campfield
83 Minutes
Horror/ Comedy

Here is the much anticipated sequel to Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre. Almost all
of the key characters are back for more with some added bonuses!  

Deck the Halls, Caesar and Otto are back and this time it's the holidays with a crazy killer
Santa on the loose. Caesar has a tremendous fear of Santa ever since hearing as a little boy from
dear old granddad that old fat boy shows up at your house on Christmas and cuts your penis off
with a big noisy chainsaw.

Caesar is broke as a joke, so after a failed Thanksgiving dinner he goes in to fill out an application
for a job Donna Blackstone (Linnea Quigley) called him about. The problem is he would have to dress up like Santa Claus for all the good little boys and girls. The man almost has a damn nervous break down at just the thought of putting on that suit. 

CKY's Deron Miller stars as the killer Santa walking around in his bloodstained suit crossing people
of his naughty list...permantely! I am so jealous that he got to murder one of the biggest Scream
Queens of all times Linnea Quigley! In the style from her murder scene in Silently Night, Deadly
Night no less...lucky bastard!    

I can't help but think of Caesar and Otto like a sort of modern day Scooby and shaggy- only Shaggy has a pissy attitude and would make me really laugh when he threw a fit and started swinging. The scene with them wrestling behing the bed with Otto was comical as hell. Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas is stocking stuffed with corny Christmas goodness that you may end up wanting to add to your tradition list.  

The film also STARS my favorite top 3 Scream Queens in My Book
Linnea Quigly
Brinke Stevens
Debbie Rochon

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