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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Release Date: May 21, 2013
Directed by: Neil Meschino
86 Minutes

Dr. Petterson along with Government funding develops a new ecological warfare weapon called stackamort that is basically a type of killer mold. The disease is airborne but needs moisture in order to activate it's chemicals that will kill you. At the current moment they are working on an anti fungal to reverse the reaction if need be for whatever reason. 

The congressman comes along with the military to check out the products worth and ends up with it on his hands. After he snorts coke in the bathroom he washes his hands and spores take over his
body eating him up and causing him to spew green moldy vomit all over- I could of went without that
part since puke makes me squeamish.

They find out that Carter set them all up for failure with the experiment. He called in all the people involved so that they can be locked securely within the building and destroyed. There can't
be any loose ties lying around to leak out any information. If anyone dares exit the place, it's
surrounded by snipers just waiting to shoot them.   

The Colonel lights up his big fat cigar and is quickly told to distinguish it so the sprinkler system doesn't turn on and multiply the mold. Well they end up on anyway and what you get is a gooey
gory mess. Blood, slime, puke, mold splattered faces and even an exploding stomach that rains it's insides down on all of them. I did giggle a few times.


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