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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Demon Resurrection

Release Date: February 18, 2008
Directed By William Hopkins
Runtime: 1hr and minutes

Grace just doesn't seem to be herself lately, and her friends are very concerned for her well being. Kate plans an intervention assuming she is on dope but when she finally gets some alone time with Grace, it seems to be something altogether different that is going on with her. Her friends are now in as much danger as her but they just don't know it yet. .

When they see Grace she is sickly, pale and gaunt looking- seemingly to be knocking on deaths door
itself. Evil has come for them all and will work it's way into the house and into themselves. Soon the cell phones and landlines aren't working and their outing of intended help ends with a frantic fight with hell itself.

Mr. Toth is the Satanic leader who summons up help from 6 feet under to come out and play with these death! No one seems to take heed to the warnings, and putter around dealing with each other and next thing you know night has arrived. The mud covered skulls come for them all and have the intent of succeeding.  

Barricaded inside, Grace begins to go into labor and the final contraction expels this slimy covered creature that bursts thru it's sack slithers onto the floor where it attacks Kate while trying to devour her skin. William Hopkins Demon Resurrection was a fascinating sight for my sore eyes, I enjoyed this one thoroughly!


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