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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Release Date: October 5, 2013
Directed by: Jordan Pacheco

David Langill's Provoked follows a team of novice paranormal investigators as they search
for proof that peoples homes are indeed haunted. After countless hours of researching
places and getting no evidence what so ever they finally hit the jackpot with a case that
claims of violent encounters.

The first night at the house is disappointing with no occurrences to spark them on with hope.
Well while there, Matt provokes the spirit by insulting and calling it out. Bad choice there
big guy, now you have attracted it's attention and it has now invaded your home. Children, or
adults even should never play with dead things.     

Tony Moran, whom we all know as the iconic actor from John Carpenter's Halloween as
the silent yet extremely intimidating Michael Myers plays Doug the plumber. He comes by to check
out the pipes since the spickets turn on themselves and flood onto the floors. Next thing you know
Matt's girlfriend Jamie is being whipped around the house by an invisible force.  

Jamie is done with him as the ghost hunter and finally leaves to go to her mothers with Paul.
The spirits torment him and give him the interaction he craves so deeply. He screams for them to leave his home while spouting some scripture...think it'll work? Or do you think these evil entity's
with play with him to death like a cat would a mouse?

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