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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Release date: November 2011
Directed by: Richard Griffin
86 Minutes
Black and white
Wild Eye Releasing

Richard Griffin's Exhumed is a quirky masterpiece that will leave you wanting more of it's insane
characters and abnormal storyline. I am a huge fan of Debbie Rochon and she is absolutely superb
as the wacky Governess who seems to have a touch of OCD dwelling in her. I am not just being partial to her as a fan she is totally convincing and creepy as hell.

A group of misfits reside together in a boarding house trying to survive while others are trying to reduce the head count in the place drastically. Laura is like a little girl trapped in a woman's body
with wants and needs while Lance is a straight up skanky pervert. My favorite had to be the smart
ass butler. My kind of guy!

Parts of the film reminded me of David Schmoeller's 1979 horror classic Tourist Trap. From it's
creepy mannequins set up in the butlers room whom he hangs out with at night to the chillingly
creepy opening theme song. That movie scared the death out of me as a kid and still freaks me out
till this day when I watch it. 

I loved this film, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a taste of different with the added bonus of some seriously messed up individuals that you can't help but fall in love with. I was kinda
bummed when it was over because I'll truly miss the fucked up antics of each and everyone of them-
maybe that's showing how weird I really am?

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