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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Mutilation Man

Release Date: December 6, 2011
93 minutes
Directed by: Derek Cole, Shane Cole

Scream and run as fast as you can but there's no way in he'll you'll survive the mutilation man. Directors Derek Cole and Shane Cole put their heads together to create a nice bloody and torturous horror flick titled The Mutilation Man that will rock your socks off .

Roy and his girlfriend Jessica are celebrating their relationship by staying in for a romantic evening together. They sip wine while cozying up and then hit the bedroom to seal the night with some lovin. Jessica gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom. When she comes out she walks straight into a nightmare situation.

The police are desperately scouring the area for someone but they don't know who the hell it is. Could it be that maniac of a man named Malcolm Hayes who is a serious threat to anyone he comes in contact with. The problem with that scenario is that Malcolm died over 10 years ago in a car crash....or did he some how live?

Tied to chairs Roy and Jessica try to figure ways to escape but every time that alarm clock goes off the masked mutilation man come in and tortures each one shamelessly. I don't think the man has a caring bone in his body. If you put yourself in their position- where you are watching your partner be beaten and worse. Will the cops figure it out and save the day? Or will their fate be a slow horrible death?

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