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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hates Haunted Slay Ride

Release Date 2010
1 Hour and 56 Minutes
Director: Warren F. Disbrow

Silent Night, Holy Night where nothing is calm but all is bright with dripping blood. Hate is back in Warren F. Disbrow's new film Hate's  Haunted Slay ride and he is as sarcastic as ever! Last time our boy created the largest mass murder spree in the world where paramedics and cops just couldn't get enough body bags.

Wondering whats in store for us this time? Well I'll give you some of the cookies but none of the milk. Other words I mean I won't give away everything because I hate reading reviews that do. Who the hell wants to watch a movie where you know every little thing that's going to happen?
The surviving victims are in the hospital heavily sedated and guarded from any oncoming attacks from Hate. Do you think that Hate can find his way in there? I wouldn't doubt this crazy creepers ability to get what he wants... trust me he'll find a way! All I can say is you need to grab yourself a copy....pricks.

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