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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

George: A Zombie Intervention

Release Date- 10/4/11
93 minutes
Directed by- JT Seaton's

In JT Seaton's George: A Zombie Intervention, poor George has got a problem- you see he is unfortunately a zombie now and his friends are sick and tired of him eating people. They all get together and decide to hire a zombie interventionist to help them out with George's eating habits before everyone he knows is turned into a zombie.

As the interventionist really tries to get into George's brain, he spaces out and all of her helpful words become him hearing her saying "eat me" and "I'm succulent." He can't take it so he flees from the room only to return moments later with his trusty hammer and finally gets a taste of that yummy skin.

His ex Sara and her current love Tom are there to help with some moral support. Suddenly he's tied to the bed with one of his legs eaten off. Then George has his own fierce protector Francine who will stop at nothing to keep him safe. Wouldn't everyone out there love to have someone like that by their side?

So as visitors and annoying Mormon's come to the door, they all wind up in between George's lips. Different body parts end up on a plate and you can't help but chuckle. I know a lot of zombie lovers reading this will get a hell of a kick out of this new Horror comedy that was released on October 4Th.

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