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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Antfarm Dickhole

I think if I actually had a dick this might have been funnier to me! Antfarm Dickhole from Bill Zebub is a total sleezefest with plenty of tits ass and full on nudity. You can't help but laugh at some if it no matter how hard you try not too. Bill Zebub himself cracked me up in certain parts, like when he is talking to a detective thru his door.
Anyway, a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation while masturbating- not during sex only while waxing one, happens to end up with an army of ants in his pants. The ants decide to take residence inside his manhood and when provoked these buggers will fight for their territory and kick some serious ass.

I know guys out there will have a blast with this since you all seem to love puke, farts and hoochie. You might all wanna get together with a keg, some death metal and just rock out with those cocks out! I'm no prude and found some fun in the film but all you boys out there better keep those zippers tight or you'll be infested by ants by night!

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