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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Los Angeles Ripper

Release Date:
78 Minutes
Directed by: Craig J. McIntyre
A petite timid girl named Kristy White has traveled by train to Los Angeles where she will stay with some seriously dysfunctional family members. Her Cousin Angel was late to pick her up and then when they get to the house her Aunt Peggy makes it clear that she is to help out around there- meaning she has to do it all!
Angel takes Kristy out to party where they bump into the cute Shannon who dances around the place like she owns it. As fucked up fate would have it, they bump into the drugged out freak show Graham who has a horrifying past time of picking up chicks and murdering them while eating some bits of them here and there.
Graham takes a liking to Kristy and in his delusional mind all of the advances from him she has already spurned makes him think she whats him bad...go figure! He starts popping up at places where she is and Kristy gets an inkling of how neurotic he really is. Maybe she should of checked over her shoulder a little bit more often- now he has her.
When he getss her to his place, poor Shannon is there and already half beaten and tied to a chair. His friend and fellow sick fuck maniac was more creepy to me than Graham himself. Can Kristy somehow take over this no win situation and live to tell the tale? Or will she become a lifeless mess?

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