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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Charles Band Presents: Killer Eye Halloween Haunt

80 Minutes
Director: Charles Band
Release Date 2011
Cutesy Jenna invites a few hottie friends over to help her decorate the old mansion for new Halloween Haunt. The plan is to get totally wasted and set up some props but she neglects to invite Miss don't wanna get her hands dirty Giselle. I really like looking at films that deal with real or fake haunted attractions.
I just love seeing all of the cool and creative things people corporate into their haunt. I guess it's nostalgia for me, it's the things that make up nightmares that make me smile. So Jenna scares the crap out of Rocky a few times and they all, bitchy Catalina included watch a flick called the Killer Eye.
To get into the fun of things, they sit a replica of the killer eye next to them so it can watch too. Between her mother's voyeur crystal ball and the eye these girls don't stand a chance...or do they? This killer eye makes them turn into total sluts that want to have sex with each other.
Babes are dropping and goo is everywhere from that horny eyeball. Lucky for them Giselle snuck in the window to crash their party and ends up being a huge difference in the outcome of their situation. It's totally a goofy, trashy, B type flick with T&A for all, I'm glad I was able to review it for Full Moon Features.

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