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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Afflicted

The Afflicted
85 minutes
Director Jason Stoddard

The Afflicted is a film that will stay with you long after you have finished watching and turn the TV off- you will cringe at the way this mother abuses her children,  it made my stomach hurt. It says it's based on a true story but who knows we all know what happened with The Blair Witch story.

Leslie Easterbrook gives a shockingly real performance of a truly demented and delusional woman named Maggie who slowly loses her wits. With each passing day her peculiar and torturous behavior worsens. Her husband Hank (Kane Hodder) cant take it anymore and tries to leave and winds up in a freezer out in the shed.

The children think their father abandoned them and just up and left one horrible day. For some reason Cathy gets the brunt of the abuse it's heartbreaking to see what she does to her. Maggie just cant seem to slip out of her angered head for even a single moment and you can't help wonder if any of these children will survive her wrath!

Her facade only can last for so long right? Will Maggie get her just deserts or will she prevail and succeed in all of her murder sprees? If I was one of those kids I would of killed her while she slept or I would of gathered the strength to sneak off and tell someone. You have to try in these sort of situations, if not you'll wind up dead.....

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