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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Slashers Gone Wild

Indie horror film Slashers Gone Wild was about how a bunch of crazed serial killers are battling for the title of slasher of the year which includes immortality. Slasher’s inc. C.E.O. Alicia is a bodacious blonde who loves her job and seems to have a little mean streak of her own. Robyn Griggs (who I swear was in Murder Is like Sex) plays Alicia the hostess for this whole race to see who is the most horrible serial killer out there right now.

Our first glimpse at Rob Thrasher the slasher shows us a sick sadistic son of a bitch who is amused at his own crafty killings, he comes equipped with his very own Jason type hockey mask that has “Recycle or Death” on it. You see, Rob can not tolerate a litter bug! He is very go green and if you try to put trash on the ground you’ll end up 6ft under rotting away way faster then that Styrofoam cup you shouldn’t of dropped.

Nursery Rhyme Jack is a dirty old gray haired man in a flannel shirt. If you saw him hanging around your neighbor hood you would probably claim he was weird but harmless- trust me he’s gross. His favorite snack food was squirrel brains, well human ones too. Then you meet Lunatic Bob who loves to show the world just how gruesome he can be on the Truth or Dare game show he host’s with this sick pair of chicks Lady Fingers and massacre Mary.

Carlos the gardener was taught how to be a serial killer from Rob Thrasher but didn’t really seem to be as into it as much as these other weapon wielding maniacs, but he is new to the scene and I am sure he’ll get his routine down pat soon. Then there’s Kevin “Maggot Face” Tooler who was so funky looking he’d always wears this sack over his face, maybe he should pop some of those thrill kill pills and try and catch up to the rest of those boys!

I liked watching these kooks try and out kill each other. Some of the gory grossness was actually starting to turn my belly a little. There is tons of splattering blood, a gory leg cut off and some naked booty’s running around as well. Slasher’s Gone Wild is not a film to take seriously but it’s a horror fan’s idea of a freakin killer way to spend 78 minutes and director Rob Avery should be proud of all 20 the victims since they go in various disgusting ways!


  1. Awesome! I didn't know you were blogging, chickie baby.

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