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Monday, February 16, 2009

Shade of Grey

Think about it we’ve all been to one at some point in our life, whether it be for a sleazy one night stand, a romantic night with your spouse, or to get together with a few friends and party your asses off. Shade of Grey has a little bit of all of that floating around within those silent bedroom walls. Imagine if walls could talk what they would say, Shade of Grey is those walls talking to you- telling you their story.

Jakob Bilinski has a knack for the camera and some scenes are almost artistic with it’s bright colored lights. During the film a few different people’s stories are played out before you. This room has seen happiness to sadness, lust and deceit. One young couple are obviously in love as they hole up in the room worrying about how her father will react to her impending bad news.

Another couple that use the room have been there many times from when the got married to years later when things aren’t running so smoothly anymore. It’s sad to see how heartbroken the wife is when she finds out what he has been doing for years behind her back, and to make it worse he did it in the room that they have shared much happiness in.

A few more people are involved in the storyline that kinda ties them all together because of the room. Nicole is a blonde who is in love with a married man and sits in the room with her friend Ashley as they have idle chit chat. Should Nicole really be involved with this taken man? It doesn’t matter since she loves him, perhaps she loves him a little too much!

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