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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Splatter Movie

An independent film crew all get together at a local haunted attraction to make a low budget slasher movie. Slowly the crew and actors are being offed one by one by the killer who is pretending to be part of the crew. Could it really be one of the many actors that Amy has invited to participate in her newest bloody creation? Splatter Movie's fun filled cast includes Elske McCain, Sofiya Smiranova, Tom Sullivan, Nikki McCrae, and Amy herself. As you watch the whole thing becomes a movie within a movie- does that even make sense? It will when you see it.

Amy Lynn Best is a trained dancer and actress who has been involved within the film making scene since back in 1997, where she produced and starred in Mike Watt's short "Tenants." You might remember Amy from seeing her in about a dozen B movies such as "Severe Injuries", "Loaded Dice", and "A Feast Of Flesh". Through out the film Amy along with the other actors give you some accounts of their experiences, whether it be good or bad you'll hear it. I was surprised to see that Debbi Rochon had an accident on set that caused her to have scars on her fingers and hand.

People like me need to realize how much effort goes into making a film. You have professionals and then you have idiots that use real weapons on a set never thinking of all the real horrors they could have on their hands like a lawsuit or even a severe injury! I know plenty of people and critics alike moan that they could make a better movie themselves when watching some of these independently produced films. If these complainers agreed to this challenge and tried to make their own flick, they would finally realize how much preparation and hard work go into making these films.

I enjoyed Splatter Movie a lot and think that most horror movie fans out there would get a kick out of seeing the shots being set up, or even the stars walking around the haunted attraction filming footage of its spooky hallways and rooms that are set up for the customers that will arrive when Halloween rolls around. Amy knows what it takes to get the job done and does it with ease as well as expertise. This film will blend fiction with reality and then disappear completely. The killer is hell bent on reaching his own deadline of slashing everyone in sight to bloody bits!

3 outta 5 slashes...

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