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Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Dead Men

Ryan was like a contracted killer until things went terribly wrong. You see Ryan quit living that life when he met and fell in love with Amy. He was trying so hard to be a normal man within normal circumstances but and old employer of his Hart thinks that he is going to make Ryan pay for trying to remove himself and there is a past debt that just needs to be paid.

Ten men got together and by the sadistic Hart’s word they brought Ryan’s girlfriend to the abandoned building where they had him and proceeded to murder her right before his eyes. Shot and left for dead he somehow manages the strength to crawl over to one man’s place called Axl. He knows Axl can help him find the others and make them all pay for what they did to Amy and his chance for the whole white picket fence life.

I was listening to the narrator in this film and kept saying to myself this man’s voice sounds so familiar, and here it is my beloved Pinhead himself Doug Bradley from Hellraiser. I love the man’s British accent and the way he delivers the story it’s perfect. Now as Ryan slaughters each of the men he takes a little souvenir from each and puts it in a plastic ziploc bag.

So this see thru bloody bag contains some fingers, a zippo lighter, a nose and whatever else he feels like cutting off and keeping. Ryan can’t believe that he tried to change his old ways and instead he was betrayed and now his life is crumbling apart before his very sad and tired eyes. Can he manage to deliver each of these bastard men safely to hell before subcumbing to his own madness?

3 outta 5 slashes!

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