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Saturday, February 14, 2009

10,000 A.D. Legend Of The Black Pearl

Many years from now after the world brought about the apocalypse, a new culture arose to take on the land and tried to live life. It also divided into two warring tribes the Huron and the Plaebian. The Huron’s women have fled and it almost drives the men to mingle with the Plaebians but that is forbidden. The scenery in this film is absolutely breathtaking. From the lush forests, beautiful waterfalls and white sand beaches.

The Plaebians are all about rebuilding society and trying to tame the wilderness while the Hurons are turning into the warriors their ancestors would want them to train to be. Kurupi is the chosen one, the one who must fight Sinasu. Kurupi is not a warrior so Ergo tells him he will be his mentor and the one to teach him how to fight so he can kill the wicked Sinasu.

This movie was so far off my movie watching path it wasn’t even funny. I didn’t want to watch it but was obligated to and guess what, I fully enjoyed this film. Watching Kurupi train to be a warrior had many men involved in fighting him and he smoked the peace pipe so he would have vision on how to become one with the land and to learn what his ancestors would tell him.

Each time someone was killed a big rock that looked like pink quartz would appear and Kurupi would line them in this circular position. He needs to achieve the goal of acquiring the black pearl that has power and would balance out the poles. If Kurupi fails to defend himself and kill the Sinasu when he comes for him the Herons will die, and the whole world will die along with them.

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