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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poison Ivy 4

Now Available on DVD and On Demand

Release Date January 20, 2009

Synopsis- Freshman, Danielle “Daisy” Brooks’ first few days at the prestigious Berkshire College are the best ever until she learns the truth about the exclusive campus society she has been asked to join. Hot-blooded temptresses with cold- blooded ambition, The Ivies will seduce, blackmail, or do away with anyone who gets in their way…even if it’s one of their own. Soon Danielle’s education at the hands of the Ivies, becomes a study guide in Survival 101!

The Seduction continues…

Daisy leaves her country bumpin town and heads to Berkshire College where she is the only freshman in a prestigious class. Her grades are above average so you would think that she’d be smart enough not to fall for some guys fake charm that he uses to get in everyone’s pants. Blake is her Professors son and has probably nailed half of the college by now.

The very secretive club of the Ivies move in on her with motive and add Daisy to their pledge list. Now all the Ivies are from money and when they start spoiling her with new clothes, a phone, and a makeover Daisy can’t but help fall for their charm. Poor Daisy doesn’t know the sharks she is swimming with. Azalea, queen bitch is used to getting what she wants and she wants what Daisy has.

The Ivies are a sisterhood, a family away from home and you must never cross your sisters. If you do there will be severe consequences. These girls aren’t afraid to lie, cheat ,steal, or even blow a car up to get what they want or to even up the score with some revenge. Daisy’s roommate Magenta tries to subtly warn her of what she is getting herself into but it just doesn’t sink in until it’s to late.

I know Poison Ivy 4 is aimed at teens with it’s whole being part of a click in college and many sex scenes but I liked it. Azalea was catty and liked to use her hips and lips to get what she wanted, and you wonder where will this snob draw the line? Does she even have a conscious? Can she cement her status in stone or will she be just a memory to the halls of Berkshire College?

3 outta 5 slashes

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