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Friday, July 15, 2011

Ninjas VS. Vampires

release date: 5/3/ 2011
89 minutes

First off... I wanted to slit my wrists when this came to me for a review, I would rather gouge my eyes out and then use it as a Frisbee. Now see, that's where a lot of us are prejudice and wrong- sometimes when we judge the film by it's cover or even the storyline we end up very wrong...Ninjas vs. Vampires fell perfectly in the category for me- it rocked!

It starts with a nerdy guy named Aaron video taping his close friend Alex then he tells her he wants more than just a friendship. Before she can finish crushing his heart with that devastating no, Vampires come out of nowhere and start to make a meal out of Aaron- well until the crafty Ninjas show up and save the day...for now!

Alex wakes up at home devastated at what she remembers then guess who knocks at the door? Yup Aaron. After being thoroughly freaked and the whole situation is explained they are off trying to figure it all out piece by piece magic included. The budget for this was low and the effects are kinda hokey but it held my attention and drawled me in with the story.

It has some fun dialog and the classic battle of good vs. evil. So the cold hearted vampire overlord Seth plots to annihilate mankind and it's up to Aaron to save his one true love Alex who is being held captive as bait. Can these ninjas change him into a fighting machine or is Alex bound to be doomed forever?

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