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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Asylum Seekers

Directed by: Rania Ajami
Release date: 8/23/2011 90 Minutes

Who would think that crazy would become the new sane- but you'll see a fine example of this in  Rania Ajami's Asylum Seekers. I sat on the couch completely transfixed with awe at it's Willy Wonk on angel dust type of feel. It's rare that something special and unique comes past a reviewers nose but this film was just fucking awesome!

Now the well dressed Dr. Raby seems to be some sort of tourettes freak who just bursts out with the craziest sounds and statements, while Maude is a housewife admitted by her husband. Miranda loves and thinks people are always staring at her so she always is putting on a show just in case and teenager Alice is a cyber nut who craves knowledge and technology.

Alan is an androgenis rapper and Paul is a war freak and wants to take over everything including the asylum. All of the characters above are competing to get the very last bed in the place. Now for nurse Milly in her staunch white uniform and two companions Minnie and Micky I really wish they had bigger parts but trust me they're around enough to make an impact.

I can bet my ass that this movie will become a huge cult classic- what's not to love? There is plenty of weird, odd, kooky, and clever things that will reel you in like a fat bass on some sad fisher mans hook! I really recommend Asylum Seekers for everyone who is into the strange and different, this film is the cherry on top of a three ring freak show.

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