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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Exit 33

83 Minutes
Release date: 8/2/2011


I was disappointed with this film- I don't know if it was from all of the hype and I expected too much, or just from the plain fact that is a tired old storyline. Five friends are all hyped up about heading too their five year class reunion and to cut time out of their trip they will take Exit 33. Eva and her man Dax leave before Angie while their pothead rocker chick friend will meet them there.

Angie throws a fit when Matt tells her he isn't going so she takes off without him. Ike’s Last Chance Gas is right off of Exit 33 and most people try and hit it up so they don't run out and end up stranded somewhere. Ike is very tall and very intimidating but people love his homemade beef jerky. Hmmm, wonder what it's made of?

The whole flick is him torturing his victims and grabbing out their eyes for his collection. Through out the movie Ike has flashbacks that make you see why he wants and loves those eyes. It's pretty predictable but Kane Hodder pulls off his role well with his lurking bulk of a figure and stony stoic expression.

If you want the same old southern style off horror grits you'll ride this one out smoothly, if not your going to get a little antsy at times when it seems just a little bit drawn out. So since Matt left after all of his friends do you think he'll be able to save any of them? Or will he just become another wad of meat in the jerky?

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