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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ceaser and Otto's Summercamp Massacre

Ceaser and Otto's Summercamp Massacre
Release Date: October 4, 2011
Directed by: David Campfield

Ceaser and Otto's Summercamp Massacre has to be one of the best side splitting comedy/horror films out there at the moment. I nearly pee'd my pants and seriously think that David Campfield should try his hand at stand up...the guy is a natural. Just think he could be the next Tosh.O!
Ceaser gets himself into a little bit of trouble and decides him and Otto need to skip town and then they become camp counselors at Camp Sun Smile. After being briefed by their douch bag camp director Jerry, they sent up in tents. Hard ass Carrie shows up (Felissa Rose) and people are dropping like a beat from Eminem's mouth.
I can not stress how fun of a flick this movie really was. Even my girlfriend Donna lee could handle it...well maybe not but she'd laugh her damn ass off. You can't not laugh it's just goofy as hell and forces you to giggle. No, it's not Bernie Mac or Jeff Dunham but the man has some skills.
The counselors are all running scared or dead so do you think the duo manage to stooge their way out of this one? Or will Otto's belly never see a donut again? Could Carrie really be swinging the axe or could it maybe be someone else? You'll never know if Ceaser truns into mince meat if you don't break down and buy it!

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