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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chicago Overcoat

 Release date- April 19, 2011
Directed by- Brian Caunter
94 minutes 
In Brian Caunter's Chicago Overcoat Frank Vincent (Phil Leotardo from the Soprano's) plays an old aged hit man, Lou Marazano. Now he might just look like your average grandpop but this guy is totally bad to the bone. I mean c'mon, looking at him you know you'd think that you could take him- but you'd be surprised! But he also has a soft spot for his grandson Michael.
His daughter Angela is in a shitty relationship and gets her pop Lou to start watching her son while she works. It's endearing watching this ruthless killer with him, he stores values and smarts into the boy while telling him he needs to learn right from wrong. You'd never ever figure out he was a hit man unless the hit was put out on you!  
Ray Berkowski remembers when years ago the same type of hits were going on and the guys signature move was sending flowers to the widows of the husbands he killed. Ray is obsessed to the answer of why does the killer do this kind gesture after brutally shooting the men? I don't this man will ever be at peace with himself if he can't get a straight answer out of Lou.
This is isn't the Sopranos people so don't go in expecting that- even though it is a similar mood but it's a smooth uncomplicated watch that  9 outta 10 people will enjoy. Could you deal with being the daughter of a murder? Now everyone is out to get him and it doesn't look like he has a bright future a head of him.
Will he leave this world a legend or will he manage to surprise us all?

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