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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Evidence of a Haunting

In Evidence of a Haunting, it seems like they are taking some cheap shots at the cable channel A&E's hit show Paranormal State- and it was hysterical. I am sure the real team on the show wouldn't but if they have no sense of humor they can piss off! I found myself getting a kick out of it.

If the film was not meant to be funny then I apologize- but if the Priest and the psychic are flirting up a storm and it's not even discreet while the medium Echo is a black haired tattooed all over goth chick that seemed to be molded after that weird chick Michelle Belanger on the show. 

The movie shows it's three most ferocious cases that they have dealt with and they are just identical to a lot of the episodes I have watched on Paranormal State- too bad there wasn't a character like Chip Coffey, I love that man! He seems like a genuine person to me but hey I could be wrong.

Evidence of a Haunting is a take it or leave it type of film- either you get into it and take it for what it is or you leave it alone by turning it the hell off. I watched it but not because I had to, I started to play the comparison game and see how much I could find that mirrored the show and there was plenty to choose from! 

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