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Friday, March 25, 2011

Joe Bazooka loved him some boobies- I mean obsessed is a complete understatment! The movie Bazookas starts with a heated tennis match between a huge boobed chick and a very nervous guy. The deal here is if the kid wins, him and Mr. Bazooka get to see her big jugs along with everything else on her menu. The guys pulls off the win and passes out after seeing the goods.
Well Mr. Bazooka ends up dead and his two sons are left to battle it out for the future of the gym. Angus has so many days to come up with the money to save it while Judah wants it to fail so he can build a more commercialized project. So Angus and his workers come up with some news ways to bring in customers like the new shower cams, striptease classes and more hot chicks.  
It's your typical B movie with plenty of boobs, corny lines and some girlie shower scenes that will impress the novice "bonified" watcher with a gasp or two. I've seen better but I have seen WAY worse. It's the kind of flick you would find on late at night so it might even lull you back to sleep if your careful- if not you'll be pitching a tent for sure!

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