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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Suburban Sasquatch

You always hear of people down in those swampy Southern states claiming to have seen that big hairy beast big foot or other wise known as Sasquatch. Now we see TV programs about it and people wasting their lives trying to find evidence that they even exist. Well in David Wascavage's flick Suburban Sasquatch, the beast is real and tormenting everyone-including residents inside their own homes.
Low budgets the name, and fun is the game. Here this sasquatch is very different - it's actually magical and normal measures of destruction will not cause this beast to drop, only magical weapons will work and cause it to cease to exist. Can the Indian girl whose grandfather taught her the ropes help before all of the neighbors end up with pancake heads?
OK, here is my opinion- You could expect to find this one on TV late at night on some B movie channel with hokey generated effects and a man running around iside some fuzzy gorilla looking suit instead of anything scary what so ever. BUT you know this going in so your not disappointed by any of the above. Plus if you don't like it you can always fast forward it. 

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