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Friday, February 18, 2011

Half Moon

80 Minutes
Directed by Jason Toler
Anything goes when it comes to ho's cause pimping ain't easy, and you'll see this and more when you watch Jason Toler's Half Moon. A cute but seriously down on her luck prostitute named Rose takes over a friends trick when the girl is caught copping a squat and is arrested. Finally things seem to be looking up and cash will keep her in good with her pimp for awhile.
The city is alert with fear as a serial killer runs around killing off prostitutes and it seems he also ripped the throat out of a bum. Rose risks it and crosses the strip against her better judgement to make a buck and meets Kevin the man with all the cash. He has her sit and eat dinner with him then she throws him in a chair for a sizzling lap dance that does nothing for him.    
Can Rose calm this man down enough to enjoy himself? Or will those pains he keeps having do him in? He tells her that he has to take shots to keep the pain away and that he is a real werewolf. She can't help but think he is completely full of shit, but then doubts start to creep into her head and she starts to second guess herself.
What would you do?  I'll tell you what I wouldn't do and that's trust no one- people are fucked up and greedy so they usually do or say what they need to in order to get what they want. But she is in a pretty tough situation here, trust him and untie him from the chair or not trust him and pray that he isn't a werewolf cause if he is she's screwed. 

1 comment:

  1. There´s appearently a conflict between Tori Black and the director Jason Toler(AKA Tee Reel. Does anyone know why?