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Thursday, February 16, 2012

74 Minutes
Release date: February 28Th 2012
Directed by Stuart Simpson
Three smokin hot retro goth chicks- Beretta, Blondie and Snowball, are three hired killers
that get off on seeing that hot sticky metallic blood pump out of a dying persons veins. It
stars with the three of them broken down on the side of the road where two poor unsuspecting
horn dogs make the mistake of stopping to help- at least the gals got a new car out of it!
They jet in their new wheels and head to a deserted apartment near the sea to chill out for a while and get totally fucked up in the process. They take a dip in the cold murky waters and seem to stir up more than just the old man in the wheel chairs nerves. He warns them that they water is no good- and they tell him to basically fuck off.
His grand daughter comes home from school and those gals can't wait to pounce on her 17
year old innocence. They get little Anna drunk- and who knows what else and have a freaky tripped out night. Soon the Kraken ventures from the depths of the sea and starts rippin bodies to gooey shreds! It's a kick ass
monster flick you don't wanna miss- trust me, if you love horror than you wanna experience this!

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