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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Release Date- October 6, 2011
90 Minutes
Director- Elliot Diviney

I just know when people read that the film Potpourri from Director Elliot Diviney is a horror, musical, zombie apocalypse they might steer clear from it and that my friends would be a huge mistake! The plot is how a bunch of college students need to write their term paper which will then decide whether they will move on in life or be kicked out of school.
Here is the fun part, they all invite over the local drug dealer Frankie who doles out the goodies and they all hope to tune into their inner genius. Each kid succumbs to their own trip and Perry has himself as a knight searching for a princess while Marnie learns some lessons from her singing philosophy books.
Frankie drags Noah and Hayden to a killer party where actress Sarah French gives them a piece of her mind. Soon a full on zombie riot is taking place at the party and it's a gory fuckin mess that any horror fiend would love. Potpourri is a jello mind slide that will leave you wanting more, more and did I say more?

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