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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trade Off- uncut

Release date: September 2013
Directed by: Sean Weathers
80 Minutes

Arthur Blake chose to like his life to the fullest and on his terms. It doesn't matter that he is married
he still chooses to bang everyone everywhere. Whether it be his wife, her best friend or just anything with a pair of tits, he's game. His birthday is approaching and it seems he feels as though maybe he chose the wrong path to walk.

 Sex seemed to be his only fulfillment where he even crosses the line and has a steamy affair with his best friends wife. He turns the big 30 and the unthinkable starts to happen, he loses his job and his best friend and he might just lose his wife who isn/t dumb

Monday, September 8, 2014


Release date: 2014
Directed by: Joshua Staley and Jamie DeWolf
98 Minutes
Genre: Stoner comedy
Indican Pictures

Ok, first off I must admit that I never even had a clue there was a film genre titled Stoner Comedy, did you? Smoked falls into this category and hate to say it but even if I smoked a blunt I don't think I would of laughed much! There are three buddies that constantly bake and one night during a wild house warming party Two thieving fools steal the stash and then accidentally set the house on fire on the way out.

I just couldn't get into it, and I have seen some lame movies that have made me giggle but this one failed at all costs. It was a waste of time with its corny attempts to make the viewer chuckle. Well the three twits dream up this scheme to rob a medical marijuana site and make the money back. Bad idea on their part. A drug lord sends out his minions out to kill all of them and there are some bumps in the path they must deal with.

So as they run thru out the crowded  city from the four horsemen chaos ensues with shoot outs some crazy ass clowns and oh, even ninja's. Can they get away from it all without losing their lives? Or will they all end up six feet under the ground like the roots of a pot plant? Guess you'll have to decide if your money and precious time is worth finding out! Just remember that you can never
get either back!   


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Southern Haunts part 2 Devils in the Darkness- edited by Alexander S. Brown and Loiuse Myers

ISBN: 978-1-937929
Published by: Seventh Star press
Multiple authors
copyright 2014

ISBN: 978-1-937929
Published by: Seventh Star press
Multiple authors
copyright 2014

I've never been much of a fan of books with several authors contributing their stories to complete a
theme designed for them all. I think that's because I never really gave them a chance plus I hate getting into a story and then its over and onto the next one. I actually enjoy them now and look forward to seeing what people come up with. Sometimes I am honestly disappointed when they end, I mean we have all felt like this at one time or another when immersed in the story and its just that good. I mean haven't you ever gotten to the end of a book and kinda of drag it out?

Southern Haunts part 2 Devils in the Darkness is filled with stories from many talented writers. I always try to pick at least three stories I really enjoyed and this time around I would have to chose
Beleth, And There Was Nothing Left But Ash, and Dediless. I could see all three as novels or even
short films that many would enjoy viewing. So I will willingly admit that I am excited to reading
more volumes of short stories in the future, you really don't know what treasures you might come across within those pages- I cant wait!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Monster Beach Party A go go

Release Date: 2014
Directed By: Jay Edward
78 Minutes

One night, Two cops cruise slowly down the main road when a little girls stumbles into view like a zombie still clutching her sand pail. Stopping and grabbing the child they realize she is in some short of shock not speaking and in a daze. Sheriff sends frank to check out the beach and see what's going on while he takes the girl to the doctors to get checked out.

The intense stench wafts up his nostril causing to gag as he walks along the beach with only his flashlight. He comes across a huge pile of what looks to be sea weed and crouches in to see what the hell it is. Big mistake. The following morning his fellow officers are picking his dismembered body parts off the beach while trying to figure out what happened to poor Frank.

An all girl band named Veronica's were in town for a show and need to get to their next gig but of course the car breaks down and they are stuck in this stinky, dinky town for the night. The whole film is just ridiculous especially when it turns out there was danger to begin with. Sorry guys just have to let you know this one is not worthy.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Silent But Deadly

Release date: Feb 14, 2014
Directed by: Jason Lockhart
94 minutes

Here we have a horror, comedy from Jason Lockhart that touches on the comical and ridiculous
carrying ons that transpire amongst the senior citizens when they reside in a nursing home. I
worked in several different facilities growing up and every trick they pull in here is totally true.
Believe me I have walked in to some fucked up circumstances!

It ranges from their certain little clicks like back in high school, to having sex with every willing
participant they can find! You can't help but fall in love and adore some of these elderly people,
they all have their quirky ways that draw you in and might even remind you of someone you
actually already know.

Rose is dropped of at the Lakeview retirement home by her selfish bitch of a daughter Rachel.
Rachel obviously just doesn't want to be bothered anymore because Rose is as about as alert and
spy as her younger self. She soon learns her room was the scene of a murder from a killer that's on
the loose inside who sports a plastic cat mask.

The maniac has a particularly odd weapon of choice...a pillow! Silent But Deadly is a geriatric who
done it where you try to figure out who the psycho is while sporadically laughing at it's campy great
B movie behaviors. I honestly had fun with it and think if you are in the mood for something straight
up stupid but funny, you've found your mate!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aaron Carters 5 act zombie web series Titled Dead Kansas

Check out Aaron K. Carter's  five-act zombie web-series "DEAD KANSAS" for free on youtube. There are several cult film actors including Irwin Keyes (House Of 1000 Corpses) Joe McQueen (Confessions Of A Superhero) and Juliette Danielle (The Room).

Check out and interesting little short.....

An indie filmmaker based in Texas asks you to watch a short film they made with the students. It is only 5 minutes long . Please click LIKE and leave a comment if you like the film. "Poking Fun" is a short film produced in one week at Hear The Image Filmmaking workshop--

Daughter reconciles with her father in the most stunning and unexpected way --