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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drive-In HorrorShow

Drive-In HorrorShow
Directed by Michael Neel

 Every now and then a movie will come out that knocks you socks off and with it's originality,creativity and magnetic appeal- well Drive in HorrorShow is that flick. I wasn't exactly sure what this was going to be like but I loved everything about it- I am surprised no one has thought of doing something like it before.
The film threader is Troll Bill, a slave to his master the projectionist who is also our host for the evening. Zombie Frank is the ticket man while the teenage axe victim serves up her bloody popcorn to their two guests of the night- the skeleton shadow and his girlfriend
Well the skull couple are treated to five movies while they lounge in chairs outside in front of a huge Drive-In screen. If you like anthology films like Creepshow, or Slices of Life you'll think Drive-In HorrorShow is frightfully delish! The films are titled Pigs, The Closet, Meat man, Fall Apart and The Watcher.
This is Independent film making at it's finest and gives some really gag worthy moments. The first story is the one that blew me away and had me peeking some what threw my fingers at the revenge of a women scorned at a party. It was awesome! They leave it open where they can keep making more movies for the projectionist to show us. Bravo!     
Story names:
The Closet
Meat Man
Fall Apart
The Watcher

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